The first Indian basketball player in NBA (Part 2)

‘Sim’ Bhullar placed high on the first NBA Indian player

A professional coach also loved his performance and offered him a position with the Ontario Basketball Association. After a successful college career, he scored a point with the NBA draft in April 2014, before signing a contract with Kings, owned by Indian businessman Vivek Ranadive.

It is known that the sixth tallest player in NBA history, a statistic that he did not follow, he was once a tall kid at school. Even when he was 15, he was about six feet, six inches tall.

Although his parents did not see basketball becoming a pastime, they always supported his career.

‘I want to be like Vince Carter’

For Bhullar, it doesn’t matter that no famous Indian nationalist plays a role model. “Vince Carter changed the landscape of basketball in Canada … I want to be like him and be on stage one day.”

Sim Bhullar played for the New Mexico State Championship against the Aztecs of San Diego State in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament on March 20, 2014, in Spokane, Washington.

Bhullar was not surprised by the expectations of Indian hopefuls. He tried to go to India whenever possible, the last visit about four years ago during an NBA-sponsored trip. He went to Amritsar city in Punjab and stopped at the Golden Temple, the most sacred site of Sikhism. And he was caught up.

“A huge escort policeman took us to the gate. I went around there and there were about 200 to 300 people staring and taking pictures. I had to be led to one of the next rooms.”

It’s not just that his height attracted attention; Some followers know who he is, calling his name. And India has kept tabs on him.

Bhullar also tried to disseminate the game in India by opening courts and helping children play. And he was touched by the passion that existed for the game.

He thought that basketball could eventually occupy the second or third place for cricket, the most popular sport in India.