Great achievements of India in sports (Part 2)

In this article, we continue to collect top great achievements about sports of India. Through some major events in sports, you can understand more about history and culture of India which has rich source about the human’s development.

3, the World Cup Hockey at Malaysia in 1975

This was the first time the Indian team reached the Championship in the biggest event about hockey. They won surprisingly by spectators and competitors, but the fact it was a deserved result for passion, hard-working and effort of all team.

In the semi-final, they were against Malaysian team who was the host. Their opponent was cheered up warmly by massive amount of fans. However, they overcame Malaysian team excellently to go the final match where they met the most potential team of World Cup event. It was Pakistan. The fact, Pakistan had a rich history about achievements and success in hockey while India had never reached any Championship.

Finally, Indian team could create new history for hockey when they won Pakistan. In this match, Pakistan was stronger to make a goal firstly. Then, under pressure and disappointed, Surjeet Singh made surprising when he could make a penalty corner to bring the tie for India. Then another hero- Wizard Dhyan Chan scored the second to decide winning of the match.

4, The IX Asian Games at New Delhi in 1982

The IX Asian Games in 1982 was established at New Delhi. This was highly appreciated because of professions in preparation and organization.

At this event, it attacked more than 5000 athletes includes sportsmen and women from many nations in the Asia.

Finally, Indian team reached 5th in the ranking with 55 medals: 13 golds, 19 silver and 25 bronze.

Top the most popular sports in India

India is a sport nation when outside activities and sports activities are taken place usually, even daily as good lifestyle.

To discover more about culture in this country, we share top the greatest sports as reference for anyone loving and having real experience at there.

6/ Tennis

Tennis is favorited by many nations in the world, including India. Many people follow tennis programs as daily habit.

Though Indian has not much high achievements in international competition, especially the singles circuit, they still own some stars for doubles players being Leander Paes and Mahesh Bhupathi. They have ever reached some highest rewards of Grand Slam.

The fact, two couple become older with passing season whereas the India are facing a shortage of newly experienced players.

To attack more viewership as well make a good environment for practice, this country releases the International Premier Tennis League (IPT) since 2014. This tournament comprises four teams from Asia such as Indian, Japan, Singapore and UAE. With success and frame, it is inspired for other tennis leagues from other nations.

7/ Wrestling

Wresting is famous and popular at rural, like kabaddi. It is considered as a traditional game of this area. Although professional wresting differs from traditional wresting at rural, the basic rules and regulations remain similar. 

Through traditional Indian wresting, people can explore more beauty and meaning of culture as well custom in the rural.

The truth that Indian wresting make impressive at the international stage when athletes bring a lot of medals and rewards. For example, in Olympics 2008 at Beijing, China, Sushil Kumar got 2 medals. This was the Olympic event with the most successful of this athlete.

Furthermore, wresting is still famous and successful in some box-office hits which contributes popularity and spirit of the Indian, like Sultan and Dangal.

Top the most popular sports in India

Sport is one of the most meaningful social activities to unite all people in a common sporting event. Maybe they are different about religion, but they will have the same feeling to cheer up a sport match. It’s sport to connect them closer and closer.

In this article, we share top the most popular sports in the daily life in India. The ranking is collected opinion and survey from many Indian people through the nation. However, you should remember that popularity is not the same as indicative performance of pro athletes in international tournaments. The fact that, there are some sports dominating but they are not strength of India.

Following this article to understand more detail about this ranking.

1/ Cricket

Cricket is the most popular game in India. The popularity of cricket is also compared with interest in football of any other nations like the UK, Brazil. Almost Indian are proud of achievements in cricket at the international competitions. Furthermore, they also like playing cricket with team as a daily habit.

To push this game to access to more players, the Government approve to broadcast all cricket tournaments by telecasted as well sporting channels.

Since the World Cup in 1983, India has competed to the top prize in all international cricket. Someone calls that it’s era of the Indian. We can list some famous players in cricket like Sachin Tendulkar, Anil Kumble, Rahul Dravid and more.

2/ Football

Football is the second popular sport in India. According to survey, 80% the local watch big football matches through television or internet. The former FIFA president also is from India called Sepp Blatter.

The Indian national team is ranked on top 100 the best football teams in the world. This achievements make more opportunities for the European clubs to transfer and purchase Indian footballers to their teams for the Premier League.