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Vaikunta Ekadasi Festival, Tamil Nadu

This festival can be a Vaishnavite festival and it's believed that the gates of Paradise are thrown open on that day. In all Vishnu temples, a decorative gate is erected referred to as 'Vaikuntha Vasal' or the threshold of paradise. Thousands of men and women come to pass through the threshold of paradise. Bhajans are held and the day is really a fasting day. For the duration of the night most men and women stay awake and end their fast with a feast the next morning. The Srirangam temple around the island of Srirangam near Tiruchirappalli and the Parthasarathi temple constructed with the Pallavas at Triplicane within the city of Chennai attract lakhs of people. It truly is an interesting sight to see Bhajan groups referred to as 'Bhajanai Koshti' singing the names of Lord Vishnu in high pitch and dancing inside a trance throughout the temple.