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Temples in Tamilnadu

The southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu boasts around 3,000 temples. These heritage buildings are not only important from mythological point of view but they also represent the architectural brilliance of ancient India. All across the Tamil speaking region, these temples stand testimony to a great architectural heritage. Ancient dynasties like the Pallavas, Cholas, Pandyas, Nayaks and the rulers of the Vijaynagar empire extended their great patronage towards making art and craftsmanship one of the finest in the country. Though these temples in Tamil Nadu were constructed in due course of history, they attract travellers and tourists from all across the world even today. The main eye-catching features of these lofty temples include the high gopurams, huge gateways, pillared corridor and the inner sanctum. In the bygone era, these temples were not used just for worshipping but they actually nurtured education as well as gave rise to a number of art forms that exist in the country today. The daily rituals performed by pilgrims at the temple are also a major crowd-puller for tourists.