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Mahamagam Festival, Tamil Nadu

This festival arrives once in 12 years. This period is known as ‘ Mamangam ' in Tamil. This occurs once in 12 years when planet Jupiter enters the constellation of Leo. It's believed that all of the holy rivers of India bathe within the sacred tank here at Kumbakonam on this holy day to wash away their sins ¬accrued from the devotees who bathe in them. The Mahamagam tank is situated within the temple city of Kumbakonam. The legend has it that a few drops of divine nectar from your ' Kumba ' (pot of nectar) has fallen into this tank. Lakhs of people get a holy bath on this day. The unique feature is that residents from the whole city become hosts to the visitors. Lord Siva known as Adhi Kumbeswara is worshipped here. Kumbakonam derives its name from this ' Kumba ' or pot.