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Karthigal Deepam Festival, Tamil Nadu

It is one particular of probably the most ancient festivals of Tamil Nadu. We have references to this festival in Sangam literature. It really is the festival of lights of Tamil Nadu. Deepam indicates light. Rows of earthen lamps are lighted in front of houses in the evening. Classic snacks referred to as Appam, Pori and Adai are prepared and supplied to deities. The festival is celebrated in all Siva temples. The a single at Thiruvannamalai temple is most famous. It is referred to as Annamalayar Deepam. A big lamp on the rocky top of the mountain is lit. A big wick is prepared and 100 liters of ghee is poured as well as the lamp is lighted. It glows throughout the night. Despite heavy downpours, the light will be burning. Lakhs of devotees gather for this festival from all more than India. Thiruvannamalai is one with the Pancha Bootha Sthala or five element places and the element represented here may be the fire. A big bonfire is produced in front of temples. In houses, crackers are fired. This festival marks the end in the rainy season in Tamil Nadu.