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Kalakkadu Sanctuary, Tamil Nadu

Kalakkadu Sanctuary is situated within the picturesque and geographically rich surroundings of Western Ghats inside the Tirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu. Two notable sanctuaries of the area The Kalakkadu sanctuary collectively with the Mundanthurai sanctuary continues to be notified as a Tiger reserve. The immense geographical value of this location could possibly be gauged from the truth that this reserve is part of one of the world's 18 biodiversity hotspots.

Kalakkadu Sanctuary is 47km from Tirunelveli in the western Ghats, the sanctuary is scattered beginning from Papanasam hills to Kalkad.

Kalakkadu Sanctuary has diverse mix of flat land, rolling parkland, open up grassland, swamps, valleys and Nullas.

The vegetation is varied. The hilly terrain in the Western Ghats, dressed in dense and moist deciduous forests, make Kalakkadu Sanctuary one of probably the most attractive wildlife reserves.

The fauna consists of Elephant, Gaur, Bonnet, Macaque, Common langur, Tigers and Leopards, Chital, Dhole Panther, Sloth Bear, Python, Barking deer, Four-Hourned- Antelope, Otter, Crocodiles (mugger), giant flying squirrel, Sambhar, Hyena, Wild Canine, Wild Boar, Mouse Deer, Spotted Deer, Jackal, Hare, Porcupine and Mangoose.

The reptile inhabitants in Kalakkadu Sanctuary mainly include Pythons and Crocodiles (Mugger). Other than animals, the lovely waterfalls along with the pleasant Elephant rides are other attractive functions of Kalakkadu Sanctuary. Discovering the slopes and area below the Hills on foot through the is yet another recreation for the travelers. The safest along with the most handy approach to explore the organic elegance is by a jeep Safari.

The Birds listed on this sanctuary are peacock-our national bird, grey jungle fowl, big racket-tailed dronge, the shama, the magpie-robin, spotted babbler, modest green barbet, greemn pigeons, small brown dove, malabar grey hornbill, bulbuls, mynahs and so on. Amongst birds of prey, eagles, hawks, buzzards, harriers, falcons and king vulture are predominant, berdies some migratory water birds

In the course of the season January to April every calendar year much more than four thousand birds from different countries like Pakistan, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, USA and Australia migrate right here and once the period is more than the birds return. The flora ranges from forests of tropical wet evergreen to Tropical dry deciduous and thorn forest at down hills.

Trekking is allowed with the permission through the officials of Forest Division. Accommodation is accessible at Forest Rest House.

The most effective time for you to go to the park is from September to March. It truly is suggested. It could be chilly within the winter season.

Non-public automobiles can push around inside the park. An individual can walk about the park. He can have a guide with himself and is permitted to stroll in the park to get a maximum of 4 hours.