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Deepavali Festival , Tamil Nadu

This may be the most important festival that brings joy to both the rich as well as the poor. This is also known as ' Naraka Chathurdasi ‘, on which day the fearsome giant Narakasura was killed by Lord Krishna. According to his last wishes his death day is celebrated with festivity. Individuals get oil bath inside the early hours of the day, known as "Ganga Snanam" or holy dip in the Ganges, wear new clothes, fire crackers and eat sweets. The following new moon day is observed as "Kethara Gowri Viratham" and ladies observe this for your longevity of their husbands. In North India, it really is observed as Ramlila on which day great fireworks are a feast towards the eyes; they mark the defeat of Ravan by Sri Rama. It's said that it is a day of triumph with the good above the evil. In the North, lamps are also lit inside a row in the houses. ' Deepam ' indicates lamp and 'Avali' means row. On this day, sweets are prepared and distributed. Individuals greet each other having a classic question "Ganga Snanam Aachcha?” which indicates “Have you finished your holy Ganges bath". Folks pay a visit to temples in large numbers on this day.