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Kerala Backwater

Crocodile Bank, Tamil Nadu

The Crocodile Bank delivers a green mattress of lush tropical vegetation which provides sufficient shade both towards the thousands of crocodilians that lie on the water-banks with their jaws wide open too as towards the curious onlookers. The Madras Crocodile Bank is 40 kilometers from your metropolis and is a route towards the 7th century Pallava seaport city of Mahabalipuram renowned for its rock-cut temples. The principal attraction will be the crocodile conservation centre, which is the biggest croc-breeding website in India.

The Bank nowadays has about seven crocodilian species such as the three Indian varieties. The Indian species include the three.six metre lengthy Marsh/Mugger assortment which will be the most widely distributed species once discovered in all lowland water systems such as the arid State of Rajasthan; the four to 5 metre long Gharials, the crocodile with the longest jaw which includes a pot like snout; and also the biggest of reptiles, the Saltwater crocodiles, eight metres lengthy and 900 kilogram's in excess weight, found within the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, the Sunderbans in West Bengal and in coastal Orissa.

Romulus Whittaker runs this crocodile breeding and analysis centre. It was set up in 1976. This Bank was began to shield India's dwindling crocodile population and to preserve the Snake catching. This bank has already created far more than six,000 crocodiles. There's also a snake farm exactly where anti - venom is made. Several species of Indian and African Crocodiles and Alligators bred in captivity are stored here in open pools. The snake venom extractions are an excellent attraction towards the visitors and it assists the Irulas to sustain their means of existence.