India won the gold medal for the first time in the world thanks to the 18-year-old girl

Asia is touting new talent at short and medium distances at the World U20 Championships in Tampere (Finland).

Hima Das sped like the wind at the last 100m to bring India the first ever gold medal in the world track and field in history.

Yesterday, Indonesia surprised the world when the host country of ASIAD 2018 was surprised at the most men’s 100m content. This is Indonesia’s first world gold medal on piste road at any age.

Hima Das will be a very strong opponent at a distance of 400m at ASIAD.

Not long after that, India continued to make Asia flourish with the champion of 400m women. Running in the 4th lane, Hima Das passed Andrea Miklos (Romania) and Taylor Manson (USA) to finish first with a record of 51.46 seconds.

The result of Hima Das was not surprising because in the semi-finals, the 18-year-old Indian athlete was the best performer. However, the acceleration at the last 100m of Himas was very respectable. Hima Das held its strength for the first three quarters from behind to speed up and let the opponents “breathe in”.

Hima Das cried when he received the first gold medal in Indian history on the run at a world track and field

This is not the best achievement of Himas Das because this U20 world champion has ever reached 51.13 seconds 400m distance at a domestic track and field.

Previously, Indian track and field had the first champion but in javelin throwing. In 2016, Neeraj Chopra World Championships in Poland. In the framework of the youth tournament, India only won 2 bronze medals in 2002 and 2014.

In the recent Asian Youth Championships 2018 in Gifu (Japan), Hima Das did not appear. In April of this year, this 2000-year-old girl competed with older rivals, becoming famous and reaching the 6th place of 400m in the Prosperity Sports Tournament with a record of 51.32 seconds.