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Tribal Groups in Pondicherry

Unlike other Indian union territories, the Union Territory of Pondicherry does not feature any scheduled tribes among its tribal communities. In fact, the town has the highest literacy rate as compared to other union territories of India. The tribal communities of the territory remain divided into various categories; these include Irulars, Kattunaickens, Malaikuravars, Yerkulas or the Kurumans. Those who wish to see these tribal people as they go about performing their daily activities should plan to visit Karaikal and Yanam.

These tribal people inhabit different villages that fall under different municipal zones in Puducherry or Pondicherry. A tour to these tribal villages in Pondicherry lets you experience age-old customs and traditions that continue unchanged even today. The chief municipal areas where one can see these tribes include the Karaikal municipal area, Oulgaret municipal area and Puducherry municipal area. These tribal communities earn their living through occupations like hunting and cultivation.

Famous Tribal Groups in Pondicherry