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Thirunallar Temple, Pondicherry

One of one of the most common Shani Temples in India is situated at Thirunallar near Karaikal a part of Union Territory Pondicherry. There is a misconception that this Shani Shrine, or Saturn temple, is located in Tamil Nadu. The greatness from the Thirunallur temple is attributed to the distinctive idol of Lord Shani as he stands blessing the devotee - abhayahastham. This is actually a very uncommon phenomenon and for that reason 1000's of devotees who believe they are badly affected by Shani visit the shrine to get his blessings.

Shani, or Sani, is one amongst the navagrahas and is believed to create difficulties within the life of individuals, specifically by these people that maintain near track of their horoscope and believe in astrology.

The precise title in the Shani Temple at Thirunallar is Sri Dharbaraneswara Swamy Devasthanam and it's also referred as Saneeswara Bhagavan Temple. The primary temple is committed to Lord Shiva. However the Shani Shrine has grow to be more common compared to primary temple largely because of perception of devotees that by praying in the shrine is likely to make Shani pleased and thereby all of the miseries and hardship are taken out.

Legend has it that Lord Nala mentioned within the Epics and Puranas was relieved of all sufferings right after praying at this shrine.

Thought to have been built within the 7th century, the temple also has tiny shrines dedicated to other gods such as Lord Ganesha.

Thirunallaru Shani Temple is located about 5 km west of Karaikal in Pondicherry. The temple lies on the Karaikal - Mayiladuthurai and Karaikal - Kumbakonam road. You can find immediate buses from Chennai to Thirunallar. The simplest route is from Chennai to Thirunallar is through Tindivanam, Pondicherry, Chidambaram, Tranquebar, Karaikal.

Nearest Railway Station to Thirunallar Shani Temple is the Mayiladuthurai Railway Station.