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The Notre Dame Des Anges, Pondicherry

Eglise de Notre Dame des Anges is actually a well-known church situated in Rue Dumas, Pondicherry. The church is well-liked for its wonderful stonework showing the texture and attractiveness as that of white marble, by making use of the combination of limestone combined with white of the egg. Eglise de Notre Dame des Anges resembles the Basilica at Lourdes located in southern France. The Church of Our Woman from the Immaculate Conception or Notre Dame de la Conception could be traced back again to three centuries. The Church to Our Woman of Angels is notable for an oil painting that was introduced by Napoleon III. Just outside Pondicherry lies a replica from the Basilica at Lourdes. Eglise de Notre Dame de la Conception Immaculee Church, devoted to St Peters, will be the church with the Capuchins in Pondicherry. It had been founded in 1686 being a tiny chapel outdoors the Government Park. It was serving as a parish church until 1729 and it had been St Lazar who renamed this church. It's the one framework survived throughout the British inv