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The French Heritage in Pondicherry

Pondicherry is synonymous with French Heritage in India and understandably so because it served as the capital with the French Colonies in India. The city was underneath French administration for hundreds of years with each other and hence it really is crucial that this place features a powerful French feel in its architecture and monuments

You'll find a whole lot of monuments right here which speaks about the strong French presence. It includes the French constructed Children’s park with a statue of Dupleix Marquis Joseph François. Another monuments of French Heritage would be the Mairie building which home the Puducherry Municipality , the Le Café which employed to be the port office, The French war memorial in Goubert Avenue , The French consulate building , An abandoned light home , The Aayi Mandapam built during time of Napoleon 3 along with the Romain Rolland Library. Aside from these there are many churches and other monuments that are portion with the French Heritage. The Church of our Lady from the Angels at Dumas Street and also the statue of Joan of Arc at Dumas Street. Are other reminders of French have an impact on.

The Streets and Roads of Pondicherry have a marked French have an impact on. The Beach road that is portion with the Pondicherry heritage is actually a traditional illustration of French building. Apart from these the various French studying institutes setup listed here are fantastic reminders of the French Heritage in Pondicherry. This impact tends to make the location a pioneer inside the area of style - be it in garments or residence interiors. You'll find a whole lot of houses that are historic and constructed in accordance with the French method of architecture.

A visitor to Pondicherry is bound to expertise the type and elegance of the French affect that continues to be infused into the duration and breadth of Pondicherry.