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Temples in Pondicherry

However French in character Pondicherry may look on its face, it has harmoniously given shelter to people belonging to different faiths. The population of this union territory is a combination of Hindus, Muslims and Christians. Though they are not as many as churches, temples also are quite well distributed throughout Pondicherry. Dedicated to different Hindu gods and goddesses, all of these temples are located within easy striking distance from one another.

While visiting these temples in Pondicherry, you will also notice an interesting architectural blend of the French and Tamil elements of styles. Even in terms of the rituals observed at these temples, some French influence is quite well noticeable. Some of the temples located in the town date far back to the 600 AD. Some of the most sacred and most visited temples in Pondicherry include Varadaraja Perumal Temple (dedicated to Lord Vishnu), Vedhapureeswara Temple (dedicated to Lord Shiva) and the Kanniga Parameswari Temple (dedicated to goddess Durga) among others.

Famous Temples in Pondicherry