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Serenity Beach in Pondicherry

If you have planned a trip to Pondicherry then one from the locations which really should not be skipped out is Serenity Beach. This is one of the most picturesque, tranquil and relaxed places of Pondicherry. The title of the Beach by itself narrates about its nature, serene and comforting. This will be the Beach of Pondicherry wherever you can spot numerous honeymoon partners and dating pairs. This really is just the best place for people who are in lookup to get a destination of exactly where calming hrs can be spend without a lot of intrusions.

This awesome Beach is situated towards the northern component of Pondicherry and you can reach right here in a drive of just 10 minutes from your primary town. Serenity Beach of Pondicherry is quite diverse from other beaches of Pondicherry in the terms of cleanliness and peaceful environment. It truly is an ideal location for those that adore to worship the sun and in addition for people who get pleasure from investing quality time with the Beach. The glowing refreshing water with the sea and unsoiled white sandy beach is so attractive that even the rowdiest of teenage will probably be tempted to invest some several hours right here. In case you are a honeymoon few and also have a person special inside your lifestyle then serenity Beach is among the greatest tourist locations in Pondicherry to pleasantly shock your loved one.

Serenity Beach retains wonderful significance from your historical times. The rocky coastline of Serenity Beach has noticed the bloodiest of battles fought between the Anglo-French teams. But soon after the period of those shattering battles, it's turn into one of the most hushed locations wherever one will really like to invest endless quantity of soothing hours. The parapet with the sea is so welcoming along with a gaze in the waves from right here is undoubtedly a life span encounter. The heavenly sea sprays and the sight of working fishermen is but one more factor which tourists get pleasure from here on the serenity beach.

The Serenity Beach just isn't only identified for its calm shores but can also be well-known for your enjoyable h2o sports activities which are encouraged right here. The remarkable water sports activities which vacationers really like to indulge in are kayaking, boating, canoeing, etc. Volleyball is another sport that is a lot admired by tourists here. The Beach is well bordered with beautiful palm groves and gazing at the reflection from the moon is yet another factor which provides a heavenly feel to the visitors who adore to be lost in nature.