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Mulla Mohammad Mosque, Pondicherry

Even though as soon as a French Colony, the presence of Hindu and Muslim religion and Culture are equally distinct in Pondicherry. You'll find several Mosques in Pondicherry as well as the Mulla Mohammad Mosque is one of them. The language of Urdu is actually a very important part of the Islamic religion along with the Mulla Mohammad Mosque was somewhat built using this type of intention.

The Khuthbha Mosque will be the 1st at any time Mosque constructed in Pondicherry and the Mulla Mosque was constructed being a portion of it. The objective of constructing the Mulla Mohammad Mosque was to educate Urdu and preach the doctrine of Islam in the Urdu language.

The Mulla Mohammad Mosque, even though a component in the Khuthbha Mosque, has a individual developing and existence. The Mulla Mohammad Mosque features a little pond with fishes in it and additionally, it houses a hall for cooking the fasting food of Ramjan and a hall for Jenesha.