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Pondicherry Churches
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Mosques in Pondicherry

Looking at the long connection of Pondicherry with the French, one might think that the town would only have churches. But, to everyone’s surprise, the Indian union territory of Pondicherry also features a number of mosques and temples, setting a wonderful example of communal harmony to the whole world. Besides ancient churches, Pondicherry also offers to see quite a few ancient mosques constructed on its soil. The mosques that you come to see in the town are both quite old as well as are designed beautifully. Begin your mosques tour here with a visit to the much popular Jamai Mosque, which displays an eye-catching architecture, aside from its sanctified atmosphere.

Another most popular mosque in Pondicherry is the Meeran Mosque; this mosque is also known for its impressive architecture. Other mosques that visitors would like to visit in Pondicherry are Khuthbha Mosque and Mullah Mohammad Mosque. In fact, the Mulla Mohammad Mosque forms a part of the Khutbha Mosque.

Famous Mosques in Pondicherry