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Pondicherry Churches

Meeran Mosque, Pondicherry

Pondicherry inside the South of India is pilgrimage spot for the Hindus, Muslims and Christian alike. You will find a great number of Temple, Churches and Mosques inside the area. One of the most essential religious location of Muslims in Pondicheery will be the Meeran Mosque. Built nearly 3 hundred and Fifty many years in the past, the Meeran Mosque is the oldest Mosque inside the entire of Pondicherry.

The architecture in the Meeran Mosque is really distinctive. Built through the Arcod Nawabs that fundamental construction of the Meeran Mosque follows a Gothic Islamic type. The Dome of the Mosque is supported by 4 lofty Pillars and also the Meerhath and the Meember are situated very near it. Just over the Meerhath there's the Kalima Slab. In order to enhance the beauty with the facade minaret a Bronze Kallasa is positioned on the top from the structure.

The Meeran Mosque is also the resting place of the divine graves of Meeran, the one who constructed the Mosque and of Suubhi Errai Perriar Mullah. The local individuals visit the Meeran Mosque for normal prayers.