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Manakula Vinayagar Koil, Pondicherry

Manakkula Vinayakar Temple - Pondicherry places of worship - it is located just at the rear of Raj Nivas and shares a shut length with Arabindo Ashram. It's thought that there was a Frenchman who tried to eradicate the deity. But the image with the deity held showing up. And it had been after his numerous futile efforts that he become a staunch believer of religion. Nonetheless, to arrive to this temple back from its history it can be said that on this holy temple Vellakkaran (White Gentleman) and Pillai (Ganesha) are identified. Aside from this, an elephant may also be found here.

Sri Manakula Vinayagar Temple was in existence prior to the French came and settled in Pondicherry i.e. prior to 1666. In 1668 the French soon after obtaining permission from the English had constructed a Fort adjacent to Manakula Vinayagar Temple. Sri Manakula Vinayagar Temple was built on the financial institutions of a sandy pond and in see of it only it really is known as as Manakula Vinayagar Temple.

The Jesuits and missionaries attempted to demolish Manakula Vinayagar, but they couldn't demolish the temple. During 1700 French prohibited doing poojas and festivals particularly on Fridays in the temple. All the Hindus who had been worshipping Lord Vinayaga objected and migrated to Moratandi English Territory.