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Pondicherry Churches

Kuthbha Mosque, Pondicherry

Pondicherry had remained a French Colony for three hundred many years however the presence of a number of Mosques and Temple inside the region point out in the profuse nearby have an impact on on the tradition of the area. The Khuthbha Mosque has been in existence even in the pre- Colonial days and is a glaring instance from the secular tradition in the nation. The Khutbha Mosque like all other Mosques co-exist peacefully with all of the Temples and Churches within the area which tends to make Pondicherry an critical Pilgrimage spot irrespective from the religion.

Khuthbha Mosque, in all probability, was the first Mosque built in Pondicherry. It was in the beginning built at the current place with the Seventh Day College. With the coming in the French the region in the Khuthbha Mosque came to become categorized being a 'White area'. Thus an order was promulgated which demanded the shifting with the Khuthbha Mosque and the entire Islamic society to the Southern finish from the town.

The Khuthbha Mosque continues to be so built as to deal with Mecca, essentially the most revered pilgrimage for Muslims. The Khuthbha Mosque also houses the Darga of Moulla Saiubu and organizes typical sessions of prayer.