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Kanniga Parameswari Temple, Pondicherry

This temple has been constructed to dedicate to Goddess Shakti. It is situated on Mahatma Gandhi Road, Puducherry. It is with the blend of Dravidian and French architecture. The partitions, windows as well as the decorations produced around the ceiling exhibits the affect of French Tradition. The granite pillars along with the sanctum and sanctorum from the temple have the Dravidian form of architecture.

Perhaps the top instance of a strange however pleased marriage existing between Tamil and French styles of architecture; this abode of Goddess Shakti also is located on M.G.Road. With its arched partitions, iconic columns, stained glass windows as well as some angel decorations on the outer facade of the construction along with the insides specially the ceiling supported with the far more classic granite pillars, it looks like a cross in between a church and a temple. A distinctive piece of architecture, this can be undoubtedly a must-see.