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Pondicherry Churches

Fete De Festival in Pondicherry

Pondicherry has an excellent cultural, historical, political and archaeological significance attached to it. Its an historical metropolis with wealthy traditions. Some of the excavation works close to Arikamedu, Pondicherry have uncovered that it flourished during the Greko - Roman instances. Later it grew to become the French Cash of India and acquired extremely influenced by their rich culture and strategy for lifestyle. All these cultural influx helped to build a very satisfying social structure. The individuals are extremely peace loving and festive minded. They observe several Fairs & Festivals of Pondicherry and among them the Fete De Pondicherry is definitely a special one.

The Fete De Pondicherry coincides with the Indian Independence Day, the Liberation Day and the Birth Anniversary of Sri Aurobindo as it is held between 15th and 17th August. The Art and Cultural Department of Pondicherry organizes a cultural parade on this day. Amazing cultural capabilities are held around the city. Eminent classical musicians and folk artists are invited from every corner of the country to perform in these programs. Thousands of individuals come out in the roads to celebrate. They wear new clothes and throw parties. Along with their friends and families, they attend the cultural shows.

This time of the year in Pondicherry is extremely special in terms in the tourism activities in the area. Tourists and visitors in large numbers come in for the duration of this festival to indulge themselves in the merrymaking. The city wears a carnival look to welcome them.