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Fairs and Festivals in Pondicherry

If you have heard about Pondicherry earlier, you might also have heard about the International Yoga Festival which is organized here in January every year. However, this is not the only festival that attracts tourists to the town. There are hordes of others belonging to different religions and castes that exist here. The union territory has its festival calendar filled with numerous Hindu, Muslim and Christian celebrations that continue throughout the year. For travelers, the fire walking festival is a big crowd puller. The participants of this festival have to observe self mortification, a 40-day fast and walking barefooted on fire. It seems quite strange and interesting at the same time, isnít it? But, yet another shocking festival awaits you Ė Sedal.

During this festival, pilgrims pierce their tongue and other parts of their body with hooks and spears! as Muthumariammam, Angalamman and Mangani are some popular Hindu festivals celebrated in Pondicherry. Christians in the town widely celebrate the Feast of Lady of Lourdes and St Theresa Festival.

Famous Fair & Festivals in Pondicherry