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Pondicherry Churches

Dupleix Statue in Pondicherry

Joseph Francois Dupleix, an excellent statesman was the Governor of Pondicherry in between 1742 and 1754. His existence was tremendously related to the folks from the Pondicherry. He had attempted his greatest to stop British Supremacy from Indian Territory by making alliances with nearby princess.

Inside the struggle for power among British and French, finally French was defeated within the Second Carnatic War. Hence Dupleix relinquished his Governorship and returned to Paris in disgrace. His memorial statue is located at Goubert Avenue.

The statue of Joseph Francois Dupleix is actually a 2.88 meter tall, who was the Governor of Pondicherry from 1742 to 1754. The statue was produced in France by Theodore Grruere and erected in the yr 1870 at the Place de Republique.

Later is was shifted to French consulate General in 1964 now given to Pondicherry Administration by an agreement in between India and France. The statue was placed in the children’s park in 1983, southern finish from the seashore road or Goubert Avenue.

The marble statue with the heroic and mercurial French damsel Jeanne D’Arc within the posture keeping aloft the flag stands on a pedestal in the garden opposite to Eglise de Notre Dame de Anges. The statue of Goddess of travel in front from the Railway Station Stands majestically.