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Pondicherry Churches
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Churches in Pondicherry

The French have long gone, but they have left their footprints all across the town of Pondicherry. Among these, churches occupy a prominent place. The union territory of Pondicherry features other religious buildings as well. Churches, however, outnumber them all. Constructed by the French themselves, these churches feature a distinct architecture as comparable to other churches in India. Almost at every corner of Pondicherry, travelers will come across a church.

The white-and-brown Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, constructed back in 1700s, is a major attraction for tourists arriving here. The Greek-Roman architectural style of the Notre Dame Des Agnes church is worth exploring for all. Designed on the lines of the Basilica of France is another must-see church the Church of Our Lady of Lourdes. Church of Capuchins, Church of Our Lady of Good Health and the Church of Assumption are the other churches that demand exploration from visitors.

Famous Churches in Pondicherry