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Sri Aurobindo Birthday in Pondicherry

Although Sri Aurobindo Ghosh was a Bengali by birth and born in Calcutta, he put in his submit prison days in Pondicherry and committed himself to the social and spiritual brings about. It truly is here in Pondicherry that he explored his spiritual side. He was great nationalist, patriot, scholar, philosopher, poet, yogi and spiritual guru. He had devoted himself in the development of Pondicherry and nonetheless remembered for his operates. No wonder, individuals observe the Birth Anniversary of Sri Aurobindo in Pondicherry with great respect and festivities.

A mere coincidence but one of the most interesting reality concerning the Birth day of Sri Aurobindo is that it falls around the identical date as in the Indian Independence Day - 15th August. Thousands of devotees, visitors and followers from all over the world come towards the metropolis on that day. They visit the Ashram built with the wonderful leader to spend their homage. They go to his rooms and show their respect with flowers and presents.

Birth Anniversary of Sri Aurobindo in Pondicherry is marked with cultural applications all over the town. Social occasions like no cost healthcare camps, distribution of garments towards the inadequate etc. Discussions around the Rishi's functions are organized. Tents and Pandals are erected within the Ashram complex to accommodate the individuals going to the Ashram. Probably the most striking facet with the celebrations is the stringent discipline which is maintained despite the major gathering. Among the a lot of Fairs & Festivals of Pondicherry, the Birth Anniversary of Sri Aurobindo has emerged as one of the important occasions in the area.