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Auroville Beach in Pondicherry

Auroville Beach is renowned as one of the most gorgeous seashores in Pondicherry. In fact, it truly is ahead of other shorelines in Pondicherry in terms of recognition. It truly is situated at a length of twelve km from the center of Pondicherry. You can enjoy swimming at this shallow seashore. The shell fragments and also the shingles deposited with the mesmerizing waves alongside the beach should have mention. Youngsters collect the colorful shell fragments and also the shingles to own their very own distinctive collection. Fill your holidays with fun, amusement and adventure by preparing a check out towards the Auroville Seaside. The beach features a huge expanse of sand, swaying palm trees and great ambience, that will refresh your spirits. The beach is really a large hit with the locals too as tourists. It really is largely crowded throughout the weekends but undisturbed on the other days. The pristine attractiveness of nature might be best experienced in the gorgeous Auroville Seaside.