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Pondicherry Churches
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Tourist Attractions in Pondicherry

The Indian territory of Pondicherry has a character of its own. It is interesting to note that parts of Pondicherry also extend into the southern Indian states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala. Pondicherry served as a prospering French colony for a much long time. Though only a small population of the French inhabits the place, the French connection is still alive through its culture, architectural plan and uniforms. The biggest draw in Pondicherry for tourists is the ashram set up by the Indian philosopher saint Sri Aurobindo Ghosh. People, both domestic travelers and foreign nationals, flock to this ashram for spiritual fulfillment. Another major attraction for tourists arriving in Pondicherry is the picturesque coastline which gives rise to idyllic beaches. The International Yoga Festivals also witnesses a large number of visitors turning up at the place. Museums and churches of Pondicherry are also much popular tourists. In a nutshell, Pondicherry offers travelers a variety which has all the ingredients to make holidays worthwhile.

Famous Tourist Attractions in Pondicherry