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Arikamedu Archaeological in Pondicherry

Among the need to visit locations in Pondicherry is Arikamedu. Arikamedu is a great tourist spot as it has a lot of historical relevance. A great deal of students arrive here on research tours periodically. It really is situated on the financial institutions with the Ariyankuppam River about four km from Pondicherry. This location is remembered as a trade centre in the Romans numerous centuries back again.

The place was excavated numerous instances and it was concluded that this city was essentially into bead creating and fishing and had trade relations using the Romans. Plenty of excavated material shows indicator of Roman presence right here. There are coins, ceramics as well as other materials excavated here that display a obvious Roman connection. Wine was supposed to have been imported whereas exports included textiles, glass, and so forth. Chola coins have also been discovered here. The excavations brought into light a number of important findings of olden time. There have been references made of this historical metropolis in Tamil also as Roman literature. The findings of Arikamedu have already been preserved in the Pondicherry museum for all to find out.

A existing day visitor is not likely to locate any specimens with the excavated material. You'll find the perpendicular partitions and also the mission house that are the sole remnants of the previous. The trenches produced from the excavations happen to be stuffed up. Now the location features a thick mango and coconut plantation. Travelers can consider the river cruise which can be about 20 minutes and appreciate the look at of the Veerampattinam Seaside, the Aryankuppam River and also the lighthouse. The journey as well as the location is equally beautiful. This trip down the river is bound to deliver you closer to nature.