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Lakshadweep Island
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Tribal Groups in Lakshadweep Island

More than a hundred sects of tribal communities have found a home on the islands of Lakshadweep. The excellent craftsmanship of these tribal people has also made them popular across the globe. Looking at the huge population of these tribal communities in Lakshadweep, the island can well be referred to as a tribal dominating area. A group of scheduled tribes also add to the density of tribal population here. Aminidivi, Koyas, Malmis and Malacheris are the chief tribal communities that populate the islands of Lakshadweep. It is believed the tribe that arrived here earlier of all are the Aminidivis, named after Amini, the island where they began living. All these tribes have their distinct status in the community.

Some of these communities own land on these islands while other work as labourers. The majority of the tribal population in Lakshadweep follows Islam. Most of these tribes earn their livelihood through fishing and cultivation.

Famous Tribal Groups in Lakshadweep

Koyas :
Formerly known as Tarawadis or even the Karnavar class, the Koyas are the chief land owning class of the society. This neighborhood comprises in the families of Tarwards who perform the function of juror in the neighborhood Panchayats. They take into account by themselves as outstanding and maintain distance from other communities.

Malmis :
In past they were sailors of Koyas and helped them within their sailing functions. They are able to pilot the vessel successfully than the other communities.

Melacheris :
A bulk of population of Amini belongs to this class and they're landless laborers. The inhabitants of Kadmat, Kiltan, Chetlat and Bitra are all Melacheris who've settled here migrating from Amini. Their major occupation would be to collect nuts from coconut trees and faucet neerah, the sweet toddy.

Aminidivis :
Aminidivis are believed to become the very first inhabitant of Lakshadweep. They 1st settled in an island named Amini and now it addresses the bulk of the population within the island. They're expert in handicrafts. They celebrate some festivals and carry out some rituals.

Manikfans :
The Manikfans will be the best class in Minicoy Island who owns the personal home. The Thakrufans are sailors, the Thakrus are workers in boats and the Raveris are laborers. Ladies from the four class divisions are known as Manikka, Beefan, Beebee and Kambilo respectively. Bebe can be a sub caste in between Thakrufan and Thakru.