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Lakshadweep Island

Lakshadweep Music and Dance

The traditions in Kerala and Lakshadweep, depict which the last king in the Chera Dynasty embraced Islam and secretly left for Mecca.

The men and women who went in search of the king spotted the coral atoll of Lakshadweep. They arrived back again using this type of information and then men and women from the land began to drift to those islands. The proof of early settlements are the statues of Buddha as well as other relics found within the islands of Andrott, Minicoy and Kavaratti. This had an influence around the tradition from the islands as the early settlers carried with them the art forms and new music prevailing in Kerala. All tour and Journey needs for India by Indian journey agent.

In because of course modifications occurred in the artwork types due to the social and environmental modifications in the Lakshadweep Islands. New art forms and new music emerged. Right now we observe the influence of Islam inside the music, art and literature from the islanders. All tour and Travel requirements for India by Indian journey agent.

Kolkali & Parichakali are the two popular folk artwork forms in the Lakshadweep Islands. They are woven in the cultural fabric of the islands only except in Minicoy where " Lava ' is the most popular dance form.

Some from the folk dances somewhat take from those in North Eastern India. Men and women like Lakshadweep tradition and also like dances of Kolkali & Parichakali.

Kolkali ( Stick Dance )
Kol means a stick and the dance performed with sticks, is called Kolkali. It is the most popular folk dance of Lakshadweep. All tour and Travel wants for India by Indian journey agent.

Only men take part in this dance and they form pairs and dance in circle towards the rhythmic beat from the sticks, which they hold as props in hands. Folk songs are sung as well as Kolkali.

Dancers form different alignments inside the course of dance at slow pace but it bursts in a frenzied tempo later. The famous Dances of Lakshadweep Kolkali & Parichakali. Special Holidays with very attractive and discounted packages and hotel bookings.

Parichakali ( Shield dance )
Paricha means a shield and the dance performed with sword and shields, is called Parichakali.

This is a martial artwork form and the shields and sword used are made up of very soft wood. There is sometimes dual combats depicting ancient warriors.

Song which is sung in addition to this dance are classical and of longer duration than that of Kolkali.

The bravery from the early warriors is depicted through Parichakali. The depiction of freedom struggle is also done through this dance form. Special Holidays with very attractive and discounted packages and hotel bookings.

Like Kolkali, this dance also begins first at slow pace and then culminates in a crescendo

Enjoy tours to Lakshadweep Dances and enjoy various dance forms in Lakshadweep Islands. Contact South India Tour Travel for more specifics.

Lakshadweep music, like its tradition is reminiscent of Kerala simply because the people who inhabit Lakshadweep originally hailed from Kerala. Even the language used, i.e. Malayalam, is same for both the places. Till 7 th century the predominating religion was Hinduism which changed later with the coming of arrival of Hazrat Ubaidullah and right now 93% from the population of Lakshadweep are Muslims. Over the years, these incidents resulted inside the development of a new cultural fabric interwoven using the old. Nowadays, music of Lakshadweep is highly influenced by Islam. Special Holidays with very attractive and discounted packages and hotel bookings.

Singing folk ballads depicting stories of the historical past is common during family occasions and festivities. The theme varies from incidents relating towards the arrival of Hazrat Ubaidullah within the archipelago of Lakshadweep, to, the ransack of the islands by the Portuguese. The balladeer with his immense talent keeps everybody engaged inside the stories. Marriage performances invariably see 'Opana' that refers to a song sung by a lead singer and followed immediately by a group of ladies. Indian travel agent gives special discounted hotel from budget hotels to Deluxe hotels in India.

The popular dance forms of Lakshadweep like the Kolkali dance, Parichakali dance, Lava dance and others are accompanied by songs that are typical towards the dance itself. They are sung in accompaniment of various folk musical instruments. Indian travel agent gives special discounted hotel from budget hotels to Deluxe hotels in India. The beautiful archipelago of Lakshadweep with its picturesque islands fill with all the echo with the folk songs as the simple individuals gather together to enjoy in merriment. They dress in colorful dresses and chunky jewelry and sing and dance towards the simple joys of life with enchanting Lakshadweep new music.