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Lakshadweep Island

Minicoy Beach Lakshadweep

The beautiful Minicoy Beach is loated at southern part of Lakshadweep Island and at a distance of 398 kms from Cochin. There is no doubt about that Minicoy is the most popular beach in Lakshadweep Island. Points of interest of the Minicoy Beach holiday really are a lighthouse that's 300 feet tall, the lava dance as well as the races among neighborhood boats called 'Jahadhoni.' Minicoy beach offer more than just a beach occurrence to the visitor. Gift a glimpse into their rich culture through performances of traditional dance and festival, a visit to Minicoy is simply inexpressible!

Activities accessible on Minicoy include a wide range of water sports to visitors making good use of the large lagoons!

At Minicoy, visitors would be well advised to carry sunscreen and tanning lotions along with a camera to capture the stunning beauty of the place.