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Thirumullavaram Beach

About Thirumullavaram Beach
Wanting to reconnect wit nature at a place where you would be least disturbed? The Thirumullavaram beach in Kollam is a wonderful option. Even if you are traveling with your better half, your family and kids, you can really look forward to spending some quality time at the beach. Still untouched by time and unexplored by humans, Thirumullavaram beach is equally liked both by locals as well as tourists. Vast expanse of sandy beach, azure waters of the sea and nature’s bountiful creations – all of this make Thirumullavaram beach a worth visiting beach destination. The beach has an easy accessibility as it is located at a distance of just 5 km from Kollam Railway Station.

Activities to Do
The sea water at Thirumullavaram beach is quite calm and therefore ideal to enjoy swimming. Besides that, you can also lay down on the soft sands taking a sun bath for that wonderful bronze tan. Accompanied by a guide, you will have the maximum fun during your beach holiday in Thirumullavaram.

Also the Thirumullavaram beach is an ideal picnic spot. All around, nature sprawls in its most pristine form. Artists would really crave to put life to the canvas at Thirumullavaram beach, painting for hours on end. Tranquility can be experienced here at its best.

Interact with the local fishermen who live in close by villages and come to beach daily to get their day’s catch. If you wish, you can also ask them to take you on a short boat ride along the sea water.

While in Kollam, do visit the cashew gardens. After this gardens tour, you can collect items of art and craft, spices and cashew products at Chinnakada. There are a number shops here selling a range of these items that you would love to carry back home.

Tourist Attractions
Since Thirumullavaram beach is closely located from the backwater town of Kollam, some great sightseeing options are in store for you.

Just on the Thirumullavaram beach is located the Maha Vishnu Temple. As the name suggests, it stands in dedication to Lord Vishnu. Also remember to visit the Pullichira Church (1700 AD) and Kollam’s very ancient mosque Chinnakada Palli.

Make a visit to Thangasseri which features ancient colonial buildings. Here, you can witness ancient Portuguese and Dutch forts. Moving some distance forward, you will come across Thevalli Palace, standing on the banks of the Ashtamudi Lake.

Religion seekers can head towards Mayyand, at 10 km from Kollam. Lord Subramaniya Temple and Shri Shankaracharya Temple attract a lot of pilgrims and devotees.

Reach the Beach
Travellers can first fly down to the Thiruvananthapuram International Airport, which is located at 70 km. If you are coming through railways, you need to get down at the Kollam Railway Station, at 5 km from Thirumullavaram beach. By road too, Thirumullavrama is quite well connected with Kollam, which further links with all the key destinations of the state of Kerala as well as southern India.