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Marari Beach

Wish to reconnect with nature and spend some moments in complete solitude? Marari Beach in Kerala can prove to be a wonderful option to have the time of your life. The idyllic place came into being from a tiny fishing village, called Mararikulam. The beach occupies a location between the cities of Alleppey (or Alappuzha) and Cochin. Over the years, Marari has emerged as one of the most liked beach destinations in Kerala. However, the natural riches of Marari's surroundings are still unexplored. The area around Marari also features a variety of wonderful landscapes. No matter whether you are a nature lover, a beach lover or a holidaymaker, the beach has in store an enriching travel experience for all. The beach is just a 60 km from the port city of Cochin.

Activities to Do
Water sports at Marari Beach are a major crowd puller. So, adventure lovers can decide to indulge in exciting beach sports like surfing, para sailing and skiing along the unending water expanse of the Arabian Sea. Do remember to take an instructor along.

If you wish to keep away from extreme adventure, you can take a stroll along the beach or participate in a game of volleyball with other like minded travellers. It would be advisable to spend atleast two days to explore the beach well.

Another wonderful experience lies in relishing the toothsome traditional delicacies of Kerala. Along with your famil, kids and friends, you can have a wide range of Keralan cuisines which would be deliciously cooked but always light on stomach.

Tourist Attractions
Sightseeing in and around Marari Beach is also quite interesting. You have a wonderful opportunity to dig out the history of Kerala while you visit these tourist attractions. Have a look.

The Dutch Palace reminds you of the colonial era in the state. The Dutch Palace was erected by the Portuguese who had come here as traders. Later, the Portuguese presented the elegant palace to Vira Kerala Verma, the ruler of Cochin in 1555.

Another major historical attraction in Marari, the St Francis Chruch was originally constructed in wood. The church has the privilege of being the most ancient Indian European church. Later during the 16th century the church was given a reconstruction by St Francisco's followers.

The Jewish Synagogue has quite well stood the adversities of time. The Jewish community set it up during the 16th century. The sacred srolls and the crafted tiles (these were brought from China) attract the attention of all the onlookers at first sight.

Reach the Beach
The closest international airport from Mararikulam is the Cochin International Airport, positioned at 90 km. Owing to its close location from the city of Cochin (60 km), Marari Beach remains excellently connected to all the key destinations in southern India and outside. Marari Beach features its own railway station which is just 5 km from the beach.