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Kovalam Beach

About Kovalam Beach
Isn’t it interesting to know that the number of tourists flocking to Kovalam beach in Kerala has always been on the rise? Kerala has to boast a string of serene and scenic beaches. Kovalam beach ranks among those that would keep you coming back to Kerala time and again. Comprised of the Lighthouse beach, Hawa beach and Ashok beach, Kovalam was at one time a small fishing hamlet. When the hippies made an entry into this sleepy village, it began burgeoning into a wonderful beach destination. While holidaying in Kovalam, travelers can enjoy a host of recreational activities along with some historic sightseeing. What added to Kovalam beach’s popularity even more was its closeness to the city of Thiruvananthapuram (previously Trivandrum), located at a distance of just 16 km.

Activities to Do
Travellers can never afford to indulge in the water sports offered at Kovalam beach. Kayaking, surfing and skiing are a few of the exciting options that would let you explore the sea waters at Kovalam. In addition to that, you can also go swimming; it is an ideal option here. However, care needs to be taken. Listen to what the lifeguards have to say and do not try any activity in ‘red-flag’ zones. ‘Green-flag’ zones are safe to enjoy the water sports mentioned above. Also pay heed to the instructions displayed for guidance.

Interact with the fishermen and request them to accompany you on a traditional catamaran ride. Boats are available on hire. Angling is a wonderful activity to be enjoyed during the boat ride.

In case you are not much adventure type, you can also choose to spend some quality time looking items of art and craft being sold in stalls on the Kovalam beach. Right from jewellery and clothing items to accessories, these shops display it all.

Enjoy a live Kathakali dance performance right on the beach. Kathakali, being a popular classical dance form of Kerala, is watched with great delight.

Tourist Attractions
Start your sightseeing tour at Kovalam beach from the Vizhinjam Lighthouse. Though you are denied access to enter the lighthouse, you can surely soak up the environmental charm as it sends out its radiance at nightfall.

In the distance is a monument that commemorates Ayyippilla and Ayyanappilla Asa, old time poets from Kovalam itself.

Advance on your journey along the Kovalam beach and you come across a mosque and a temple positioned just opposite to each other. The Kovalam Jama Masjid stands on the Ashoka beach while Ganapati Temple occupies a position right across.

Reach the Beach
The Kovalam beach is much popular also due to its easy accessibility. Travellers can first fly to the Thiruvananthapuram Airport (16 km) and then undertake a road journey up to Kovalam beach. Thiruvananthapuram is also the closest rail link. Even road transport is quite well developed and connects Kovalam to all the key destinations in Kerala as well as to important places outside the state.