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Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary, Kerala

Do you know that Idduki has the eminence of being one of the most naturally blessed regions in Kerala? A visit to the Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary will make it evident. Sprawling just at a distance of 40 km from Thodupuzha in the Idukki district, the Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary covers around 77 sq km of tropical evergreen and deciduous forests. These forests occupy a position between the Cheruthoni and the Periyar rivers. It is due to places like Idukki that Kerala has come to be recognized as one of the greenest places on earth. Besides watching the different wildlife species, travelers can also visit a couple of attractions around as well as enjoy some scenic treks in the region. Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary is snuggled up at an elevation ranging between 450-748 m a.s.l.

Best Time to Visit
The ideal period to visit Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary is between the months of December to April. Otherwise, travelers can make a visit to the sanctuary anytime of the year.

Wildlife Attractions
Wildlife species found in Idukki wildlife sanctuary are quite similar to those found in the Thekkady Sanctuary. Major animal inmates of the sanctuary include elephant, tiger, bison, sambar, jungle cat, deer, bison, wild dog etc. Roaming herds of elephants and gaur are a sight to enjoy for all animal lovers arriving in Idukki. Not only mammalian species, but Idukki Sanctuary is also a good wildlife destination to watch reptilian species. Snake species like krait, cobra and viper as well as different non-poisonous snake species are also found in the forests of the sanctuary.

Many bird species also call the sanctuary home. Enjoy watching species including laughing thrush, myna, jungle fowl, black bulbul, kingfisher, woodpecker, peafowl etc.

Things to Do
Nature lovers can enjoy some tranquil moments around the scenic lake located within the confines of Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary. Explore the rich growth of tropical evergreen and deciduous trees that surround the lake from all sides. Do remember to take a boat ride along the lake.

While in Idukki, you can make a visit to the Idukki Arch Dam, presently the largest in Asia. Elevated to a height of 555 ft, the dam occupies a location between the mountain ranges of Kuravanmala and Kurathimala. The care and maintenance of the dam is done by Kerala State Electricity Board.

Do remember to get to Idukki reservoir, formed by three dams namely Cheruthoni, Idukki and Kulamavu. The reservoir covers an area of 33 sq km. It was back in the year 1973 when water was first stored in the Idukki reservoir.

Reaching the Wildlife Sanctuary
Travellers can first fly down to Kochi, at a distance of 155 km from Idukki. Later, undertake a road journey up to Munnar. The remaining distance can either be driven or covered on foot enjoying the sceneries all around. Another option is to first fly to Madurai, at 140 km, and then drive to Munnar. The closest railway station from Idukki Sanctuary lies at Kottayyam, 114 km away.