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Festivals of Kerala

Festive celebrations in Kerala continue to occur one after another. Festivals, both religious and popular, provide a window to the rich cultural heritage of the state. When one thinks about festive Kerala, images of caparisoned elephants and white plumes begin flashing across the screen of the mind. If you arrive in Kerala during August, you can choose to participate in the Onam, one of the most widely celebrated harvest festivals in the state. However, one that has boosted the popularity of Kerala the most is the Thrissur Pooram, held during April-May. Being an important temple festival, the spectacular festival magnetises both devotees and travelers. Whether it is a religious festival, a ‘jalotsavam’ (boat races) or a harvest festival, Kerala truly presents spectacles that are a delight to watch and experience. A lot of fanfare follows during these events and the age-old customs and traditions, that make Kerala second to none, come alive with all the pomp and gaiety.

Celebrated with fantastic fervor and gaiety, the festival of Onam is observed by all sects of Keralites irrespective of their religion. This harvest festival, each year celebrated inside the month of August or September, consists of lavish feasting like 'avial'', 'pappadum' 'pazham' (Plantation fruit), 'payasams' and swinging under the mango tree. This festival has an affiliation with folklore also which retains that Onam is the time when Mahabali, a legendary ruler in ancient eras of Kerala, returns to meet his loving subjects through the depths of chthonic world. Some extinct folktales 'kaikottikkaali' 'thiruvathirakkali' 'vallomkali' 'pulikkali' 'onathullu' Kummattikkali and numerous other localized folklore forms revive for the duration of this festival. Onam Festival

This festival is celebrated virtually in entire India though it may possibly referred to as by various names like Bihu in Assam, Baisakhi in Punjab and Puthandu in Tamil Nadu. Vishu heralds an new new 12 months and so is noticed on the very first day with the Malayalam month Medam (Aries). Early dawns are marked with illuminated lamps, clean fruits, fragrant flowers, grains and gold coins. Elder members from the family members bless the younger ones with blessings and dollars. Grand feasting and display of fireworks is surely an integral portion of the festival.

This well-known festival is celebrated in the month of Kumbam i.e. February and March. Particular prayers and offerings with holy abhishekam (sacred bath of deity's idols) are accomplished within the temples to pay the humble homage to Lord Shiva for drinking fatal poison to rescue this world. Different cultural applications are held and folks of diverse strata collect to observe the festival.

Known by different names the navaratri celebrations are marked with fantastic enthusiasm. This garnd afair of nine days gets to be far more essential in the last 3 days - Durga Ashtami, Mahanavami, and Vijaya Dasami. On Durga Ashtmi's evening Puja Vayppu is noticed which includes decorating and illuminating the home. Understanding and all companies are held upon for on these three lats days.

This Festival of Lights would be to celebrate the victory of Lord Rama on the demon Ravana and Rama's homecoming after an exile of 14 lengthy many years. Preparation of dishes, fireworks and decorating the house with lit diyas is considerable in this festival.

This festival of show of lights within the evening is celebrated inside the month of Vrischikam November December.

Asthami Rohini
This day to commemorate the birth of Lord Krishna, is noticed with admiration and devotion. Celebrated within the month of Chingam (August September), the devotees pay a visit to temples and supply their prayers. Some cultural Prgrames held on this day adds towards the appeal with the festival.

Arrive 25th December as well as the grand celebration of Christmas starts with holy masses in the churches, Xmas carols, decorating Xmas tress, exchanging presents and cards are all crucial in Xmas.

This Christian festival commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the savior of mankind. The communities of Kerala observe this festival with reverence and dedication. It typically falls in March April. Mid night masses are widespread in the course of Easter.

It celebrates the sacrifice of Ibrahim so that you can obey God's command. Muslims in Kerala celebrate the festival heartily with feasting. The affluent Muslims marks the festivities by sacrifing goats and distributing it amongst their kiths and kins and poor.

Id ul Fitr
Culmination of Ramzan is celebrated with Id ul Fitr. The sacred month of Ramzan is all about abstaining from meals and drink for the duration of the day time. Right after this kind of stringent fasting, Muslims celebrate and indulge in feasting. Id ul Fitr is celebrated with much zeal in Kerala because the population of Kerala significantly comprises of Muslims.

Miladi Sharif
This grand celebration inside the month of April is always to celebrate the birth in the Prophet. In ancient occasions the day was observed by muslims by reading out Maulud a short treatsie in Arabic depicting the birth, existence, functions and preachings of prophet or some saint.

This festival of Muslims marks the herald of new 12 months Hijra on the tenth day of the Forbidden Month, Muharram.