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Churches in Kerala

If you thought Kerala was only about nature-rich areas and temples, you need to give it a second thought. The bygone colonial rule in the state has also given it numerous churches, each one unique in its own way. In fact, you will come across catholic shrine in almost every city of Kerala. St Thomas owes the credit of setting up some of the most popular churches in places like Kollam, Niranam, Chayal, Kodungallur, Palayur and Kokomangalam among others. The Malayattoor Church, located near Kochi, is considered to be one of the oldest, established by St Thomas. During the celebratory season, hordes of pilgrims flock to churches in Kerala. Donít worry about hopping from one church to another in Kerala. Because, as you might be aware, that most of the tourist destinations in Kerala lie at just a few kilometers from one another. Also remember to add to your experience and explore the architectural styles of these churches in Kerala.

Malayatoor Church
Malayatoor Church is located 52 km from Kochi, which is devoted to St. Thomas. It's located around the best of a 609 m higher Malayatoor hill, therefore the name in the church is following the identify of this hill. Set amidst the backdrop of Western Ghats and stunning Periyar river, the church enhances a picturesque web site. Within the church there is certainly a divine statue of St. Thomas. The church is intended to be an international pilgrimage with the area, therefore a large quantity devotees rush right here throughout the year.

Santa Cruz Basillica Church
It truly is a 500 years outdated historic church of Kerala, situated within the Ernakulam district of Kochi. It really is a Roman Catholic church, which was made with the Portuguese. In 1795 it had been destroyed from the Britishers and renewed further in 1887 by Bishop Dom Joao Gomes Fereira and lastly declared as Basillica by Pope John Paul II in 1984. The interior of the church is ornamented with gorgeous paintings, that exhibits the daily life of Christ.

St. Francis Church
St. Francis Church may be the 1st European church of India, that is at first referred to as Santo Antonio. It is located two km west of Mattancherry within the Ernakulam region of Kochi. The initial wooden developing with the church was constructed by the Portuguese in 1503, which received replaced through the existing granite building of church, built around 1546 Ad. In 1524 Advert the excellent European sailor Vasco De Gama was buried right here. The church has its substantial importance within the Indian historical past as well as for its distinctive architecture.

Valiyapalli Church:
Valiyapalli Church is among the oldest churches in Kerala, which is also called Syrian Kanaya Church. It is located at a short length of 2 km from Kottayam. It was produced in 1550 Advert through the descendants of Syrian Kanaya Christians. It really is renowned for its two granite crosses, called Persian Crosses, these were introduced here from the very historical church close to Crangannore. The spectacular sculptures and mural paintings on the major altar and ceilings with the church mesmerize each visitor.