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Chithari Beach

About Chithari Beach
If you want to avoid crowds and yet crave to enjoy a silvery beach, Chithari beach is just the option. The beach can be easily visited during your tour to Kasargod, a much popular hill station in the state of Kerala. Due to the fact that it is still untouched by time and unexplored, you will come across a lesser number of tourists here. Expansive sandy shores bordered with verdant trees make Chithari a must see for travelers. The beach is a perfect destination to spend time at for all those who are looking to get away from urban hustle bustle of daily life. Visiting here with your better half or with your family can provide you with some of the most memorable moments of your life. Chithari beach occupies a position just at 5 km from the Kasargod district in northern Kerala.

Activities to Do
Undertake interesting boat rides at the Chithari beach. You can easily find boatmen who can offer you these rides. A few locals can also be noticed. Accompanied with a guide, you can even interact with locals and known about this quiet place in detail.

Island cruise at Chithari is promoted as part of Bekal Tourism Project. That day is not far when this beach too will join the list of the most frequented beaches in Kerala. Till then, however, you have the opportunity to enjoy serenity at its best.

Tourist Attractions in Chithari
While enjoying your time at Chithari beach in Kerala, you visit the much popular historical fort – the Bekal Fort. The fort stands on the border of the region. Though passing time has left many a scar on the fort structure, it is a sight that must be witnessed. The fort stands in complete isolation and points to an era which has long gone by.

It is interesting to note that the Bekal Fort has the distinction of being the biggest fort in the state of Kerala. The purpose behind the construction of the fort was to bolster defense. Major features of the Bekal Fort include an observation tower, a tank, a tunnel and a storehouse for keeping weapons and ammunition.

A lagoon and a tiny island are the other tourist attractions located close to the Chithari beach. Boat rides are available to reach the island and to soak up the untouched scenic charm of the place. It would be a wonderful experience to explore nature’s creations that the place has been blessed with. Seeing the increasing popularity of the Chithari beach, it can be said that it will soon become a top tourist destination in the state of Kerala.

Reach the Beach
You can fly to any of the two airports – Mangalore located at 50 km or Kozhikode (Calicut) at a distance of 200 km. These airports have connecting flights to the key destinations of the country. If you are accessing through railway network, you will need to get down at Kanhangad, which is at 5 km from the Chithari beach. From within the state of Kerala, Chithari beach can also be easily reached by road.