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Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, Kerala

Not only for wildlife viewing, but the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary in Kerala also offers exciting opportunities of boating and trekking into the wilderness. Occupying a position in the Idukki district, the national park sprawls over an area of around 90 sq km. The southern Indian state of Kerala features 12 Protected Area. Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary has the privilege of being one of them. The Chinnar River (originating in Kumarikal Malai) and the Pambar River (originating in Anaimudi Hills) crisscross the terrain of the sanctuary; these rivers also serve as the wildlife sanctuary’s perennial water resources. Whether it is the animal inmates of the wildlife park or the various floral species, a tour to Chinnar Sanctuary is certainly one of the finest.

Best Time to Visit
Anytime is a good time to visit the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary in Kerala. Tourists are wildlife lovers are, however, advised to avoid the months of October and November.

Wildlife Attractions
Please be informed that Chinnar Sanctuary offers you an opportunity to explore 34 mammalian species, 245 bird species and over 52 reptilian species. In addition, there are around 956 different species of flowering plants found in the sanctuary.

Around 50-60 elephants inhabit the forests of Chinnar Sanctuary. Besides these, travelers can spot other mammals species including tiger, panther, spotted deer, Nilgiri Tahr, sambar, gaur and common langur among others. Bird lovers can also enjoy a wonderful session of bird watching inside the sanctuary. Indian star tortoise and mugger crocodiles are major attraction among reptilian species that are found in the sanctuary.

Also explore the variety of flowering plants in the sanctuary. Xerophytic species dominate most of the thorny forests in Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary.

Things to Do
Move to the forests that grown along the riverbanks of Chinnar and Pambar River. Get ready to spot a number of grizzled giant squirrel, one of the most endangered animal species. Keep your cameras poised to capture them forever.

Trekkers can enjoy scenic trails as they proceed towards the Thoovanam Waterfalls. The surrounding area of the River Chinnar also offers wonderful trekking opportunities. Enjoy camping with family and kids at Vasyappara.

Get to the watch tower which stands inside the sanctuary. From upon the tower, soak up panoramic forest views of the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary as well as the jungles that sprawl in the neighbourhood. The view of the mountains is simply heart stirring from here. Do remember to acquire entrance permission from the forest department to climb up the watch tower.

Reaching the Wildlife Sanctuary
There are two closely airports from where the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary can be accessed – Kochi (208 km) and Coimbatore (115 km). Pollachi, at just 60 km, happens to be the nearest railhead. If you prefer air travel, you can first fly down to either Kochi or Coimbatore and then cover the rest of the distance by road. Another preferable travel option is to first reach Munnar (60 km) and then undertake a short road journey to reach the wildlife sanctuary.