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Boat Races in Kerala

Kerala is a land of exuberant culture and vibrant heritage. Travellers are always on the look out for opportunities where they can witness people of the state coming together with all the spirit and amity. Boat racing events of Kerala provide just the opportunity. A considerable population of the state inhabits the coastal areas. Vessels and boats, therefore, plays a pivotal role in these people’s lives. Boat race competitions in the state commemorate the very spirit of the Keralaites. If you arrive here during the harvest season, you can watch scores of bedecked boats vying against each other on the scenic stretches of Kerala backwaters. On each of the snake boats (traditionally known as ‘chundan valloms) carries 4 helmsmen and 25 singers along with 100-125 oarsmen. The boats set sail in unison to the accompaniment of folk songs known as vanchipattu. These boat races provide with the opportunity to interact with villagers and locals from all across Kerala.