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Beypore Beach

About Beypore Beach
The coastal strip of Beypore gives you more reasons than one to enjoy a beach vacation here. Apart from being a popular ship-building centre, Beypore also happens to be an economic focal point attracting Middles East buyers from across the Arabian Sea. A fishing harbour situated closely makes Beypore also a great maritime destination. Beypore beach has all the ingredients to add flavour to your beach holidays. Soak up the tranquility of the beach. Enjoy the morning sun beams. Take a sip of coconut water and relax in the midst of nature’s creations, far away from the hectic schedules of your daily lives. In any case, do not forget to take a backwater cruise at Beypore beach.

Activities to Do
Take a walk along the stone bridge that extends deep into the Arabian Sea. Extending to a length of around 2 km, the bridge is the perfect place to soak up the beauty of the vast Arabian Sea. If you crave for more fun, take a boat ride and have the time of your life.

Fishing at Beypore beach is another wonderful activity to indulge in. Try your hand and relax and recharge your muscles. You can also accompany the local fishermen to gain an insight into seaside lifestyle.

Make a visit to the much popular ship building yard. Get to know how a ‘uru’, a kind of traditional craft, is constructed. Watch well versed craftsmen as they go on doing their work. Miniature boats made of teak are a wonderful souvenir to buy here. Isn’t it interesting to know that the construction of an ‘uru’ takes around 50 ‘khalasis’ and a time span of more than a year?

Tourist Attractions in Beypore
While taking a tour of the Beypore beach, you can visit the 800-year-old temple located here. The temple architecture is a testimony to the glory of the past. A stone monument standing close by is also to be visited.

The Kappad beach, which can be easily reached from here, is a major attraction for tourists from all around. By reaching this beach, you will get to know more about the historical importance of the state of Kerala.

The ‘uru’ country craft is a popular tourist attraction at Beypore. Made from teak and jackfruit timber, the boat speaks a lot about the traditional craftsmanship of Kerala. Even in modern times, the popularity of this country craft has not faded. Though wood industry is past its hey days, huge logs afloat the river can still be noticed.

Reach the Beach
Fly to Karipur Airport, located at 23 km from Kozhikode (Calicut). The airport has connecting flights to major cities like Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai as well as to key destinations in the Middle East. Calicut or Kozhikode is just at a distance of 11 km from the town of Beypore. Take a drive to the bust stop at Beypore. Next, reach the harbour at the mouth of Chaliyar River. Cycle rickshaw rides are a comfortable means of local transport within Beypore.