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Bekal Fort Beach

About Bekal Fort Beach
Thanks to the wonderful endeavour by the Bekal Resorts Development Corporation (BRDC) that Bekal Fort now can boast an exotic beach. Dating back centuries, the Bekal Fort has been attracting a good number of tourists for long. After the development of the beach close to it, the number of tourists arriving here seems to swell each passing day. BRDC is taking up more measures to turn the beach into an even more exotic holiday destination in the state of Kerala. Recently, BRDC has also developed a huge vehicles parking area, covering around 7,000 sq m. The Bekal Fort beach is just at a distance of 1 km from the much celebrated Bekal Fort. Kasaragod is positioned at 16 km from here.

Activities to Do
Take a walk along the walkway that has been constructed at Bekal Fort beach. It is the perfect place to absorb the unmatched beauty of the wonderful coastal line. In addition to this, travelers will also have the opportunity to enjoy engaging views of the Bekal Fort, standing close by.

Special illumination arrangements are in place. Visiting the beach in the evening can prove to be a singular experience. You can reach the Bekal Fort beach even around sunset. After the sunset, the whole beach area is elegantly illuminated. Anyone arriving at the beach at evening time wouldn’t want to leave without spending some quality moments with their family and friends.

Take your kids to the Children’s Park located close to the Bekal Fort beach. The park, however, allows kids aged below 14 years of age. What’s more, BRDC has plans afoot to develop and water park as well as a theme park at Bekal Fort beach in Kerala.

Tourist Attractions
The biggest draw for visitors at the beach is the historical Bekal Fort, the largest in Kerala. Covering an area of around 40 acres, the fort’s main features include a water tank, an observation tower and a magazine. The tower was constructed as part of a defense strategy. From upon the observation tower, all the nearby towns can be easily watched and monitored. Most part of the fort extends out into the sea. It makes a wonderful sight as the sea wave crashes against the citadel.

A Rock Garden has bee built lately close to the Bekal Fort beach. Here, one can see a wide variety of laterite boulders. Sculptures of Theyyam and murals by Nilambur also attract a lot of visitors to the beach.

More tourist attractions are yet to developed to invite more and more holidaymakers to Bekal Fort beach. Very soon, you will also be able to splash about in the water park constructed here. More adventure options will await you at the theme park.

Reach the Beach
Either fly to the Karipur International Airport (Kozhikode) of the Mangalore Airport. Karipur Airport has connecting flights to the metro cities of India as well to key destinations in the Middle East. After your arrival at the airport, you can undertake a road journey of around 200 km from Kozhikode to Kasaragod.