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Backwaters in Kerala

Oftentimes compared to the American Bayou, Kerala backwaters are an intricate network of waterways including lakes, canals, rivers, lagoons, estuaries etc. Spanning over 900 km, these backwaters have become a centre of attraction for travelers visiting southern India. It is the movement of waves and shore currents that give rise to this wonderful chain of backwaters in Kerala. What makes these backwaters even more alluring for tourists is the mesmeric location of small cities and towns that are positioned amidst. Whether it is summertime or monsoon, travelers love to begin on backwater cruises to soak up the wonderful scenery, the rich flora and fauna and other bounties of nature that Kerala boasts of. By means of ‘kettuvallams’ (traditional houseboats of Kerala), the journey along the Kerala backwaters becomes the journey of a lifetime.

Major Backwater Regions
One of the greenest places on earth, Kerala has in store a number of backwater destinations where life can be fun and worth experiencing. If you are already contemplating a backwater tour in Kerala, given below are some important backwater regions, the start and the end points of most of the backwater cruises.

Backwater Rides & Routes
While in Kerala, a backwater ride is the most happening activity. Friends, families and kids can equally soak up the charm of traveling in a ‘kettuvallam’ along the backwaters of Kerala. The duration of the ride can range from a few of hours to a couple of days. Some of the most popular backwater routes are as follows.
    » Alappuzha (Round Trip)
    » Alappuzha to Kottayam (Return)
    » Kumarakom (Round Trip)
    » Alappuzha to Kumarakom (Return)
    » Alappuzha to Kollam (Longest Trip)

Tip : If you are traveling to Kerala during March-April, do remember to book houseboats with air-conditioning facility. However, air-conditioning in rooms will only be available during nighttime.