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Kerala Backwater
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Ashtamudi Lake in Kerala

If you have heard about the Kerala backwaters, Ashtamudi Lake may not be a new name to you. Meaning 'eight armed', the lake exists in the shape of a palm with eight diverting arms. In Kerala, the Ashtamudi Lake has the privilege of being the second largest water body. The lake occupies a position in the sleepy town of Kollam in Kerala. In addition, the water body also represents a deep wetland ecosystem. For travellers, the lake has much significance as it provides them entry to the intricate maze of scenic backwaters in Kerala. It is interesting to note that Ashtamudi Lake has found a place in the list of wetlands of international importance.

Besides serving as the entranceway to the backwaters of Kerala, Ashtamudi Lake has also become the source of earning a living for the people residing close to its banks. The main occupation of these people is fishing. They have known the techniques of fishing from generation to generation. It provides a major source of income for them.

Coconut husk retting is also done on the banks of the lake. This is further used in the coir industry to create a number of items of art and craft.

The Ashtamudi Lake also has importance in terms of inland nagivation services. The waters of the lake also offer an excellent means of transportation for the state's trade and commerce.

Not only tourists and holidaymakers, but the lake has also attracted many an artist and writers. The picture-perfect groves of coconut, beautiful canals and the picturesque towns and villages all provide food for thought to writers and poets. The celebrated poet Thirunalloor Karunakaran was born as well as spent the days of his childhood on the banks of Ashtamudi Lake.

Major Attraction
On the right bank of the Ashtamudi Lake stands the town of Quilon. It is a port town ans therefore has much significance from historical point of view as well. The Kollam Boat Club offers frequent boat cruises from Quilon to Alappuzha. As you sail along the backwaters, you come across numerous scenic towns and villages. The 8-hour-long journey provides you deep insight into the natural wealth of Ashtamudi Lake. In addition, it offers you an experience of a lifetime.

While on a backwater cruise, you will also catch sight of the world popular Chinese fishing nets. These cobweb like structures remain suspended from boats along the backwaters. The fishing nets has long providing local fishermen with an unmatched art of fishing.

Reaching the Lake
The town of Kollam, where the lake is located, has the closest international airport at Thiruvananthapuram, at 72 km. After your arrival at the airport, you can either hire a taxi or catch a bus to reach Kollam. On the Southern Railway route, Kollam happens to be an important railhead. Regular trains connect Kollam with all the key destinations in southern India. By road as well, Kollam has good connectivity. Whether you are travelling to Kollam by road from any tourist destination in Kerala or any other neighbouring state, you can easily reach here.