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Vidhana Soudha, Bangalore, Karnataka
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Vithala Temple, Karnataka

Situated around the southern financial institution from the Tungabhadra River. Essentially the most superb with the religious edifices at Hampi, it might be attained from your west by strolling on from Hampi Bazaar alongside the riverbank, or from your east via the Talarigattu Gateway. Its status is nicely deserved each inside the selection of styles that characterize the shrines within the temple courtyard and inside the fineness from the carvings that embellish them. The Vithala Temple is Hampiís crowning glory, with a wonderful stone chariot standing inside the temple courtyard. Equally impressive is the big ranga mantapa with 56 musical pillars that resound with musical chimes when struck. Its status is properly deserved both in the variety of designs that characterize the shrines inside the temple courtyard and within the fineness with the carvings that embellish them. The temple stands inside a big rectangular enclosure. The three lofty Vijayanagara gopurams on the east, north and south sides are actually dilapidated. Of those the south 'gopuram' will be the most ornate. Alongside the inside from the enclosing wall ran a pillared colonnade. The enclosed courtyard contains within the centre the god's sanctum with its axial 'mandapa' and around it the 'Amman' sanctum, the 'kalyana mandapa', an 'utsava mandapa', a hundred-pillared 'mandapa' as well as a stone 'ratha' (vehicle). Originally there was a lofty 'kipa-stambha' (twelve.two m substantial) in front with the east 'gopuram', but now it lies around the ground, broken in items. The major temple was dedicated to Vishnu as Vithala. Going through east, the sanctum in the god together with its axial 'mandapa' types a lengthy and low structural group, about seven.6 metres in top and 70 metres in size. The group comprises the open up 'maha mandapa', a closed 'ardha-mandapa' with side-porches as well as a covered 'pradakshina-prakara' enclosing the 'antarala' and 'garbha griha'.

History of Temple
The existence in the temple may be traced at the very least to the time of Devaraya II (Advert 1422-46). Though the common view is the fact that the temple was neither finished nor consecrated, epigraphic and literary evidences display that it remained in worship at the least till time of the battle of 'Rakshasi tangdi'. The Vithala temple portrays the high watermark of perfection with the Vijayanagara type, and one may possibly well say that there's no other building, which could stand comparison with it in florid magnificence.