Great achievements of India in sports (Part 3)

Here we continue to share top great achievements of India. If you are a fan of India or general sport, our ranking is useful, because we try to collect major events to make outstanding Indian sport.

5, ICC World Cup in 1983 in England

Cricket is considered as the national sport game in India because the national team has ever reached series of achievements and titles in the international competitions. Above all, ICC World Cup in 1983 was the most memorial event for anyone in India. This glory started to open winning in the next seasons for Indian team.

The Indians in this event showed their strong determining for winning, so they always expressed seriously for any game and bowling. All spectators felt surprising about their performance. The fact that, there was never Indian team reach this impressive style as the Indians in 1983.

During the season, we could see some young stars of Indians like Binny, Madan Lal, Kapil Dev, Richards or Fowler. Although they had not experience at big competition like ICC before, they were connective and supportive to complete their task excellently. Some records could be determined for this team.

Finally, they were deserved to become new Champions for ICC world cup.

6, ICC World Cup in 2011 in India

It was the first time India hosted one international competition like ICC World Cup. Therefore, pressure of athletes was to reach winning before cheering up and love of spectators.

This was a special event of Sachin Tendulkar who was the leader of ICC in 5 seasons of World Cups. However, he had not yet received any victory in the former seasons. So, it was the last opportunity for Sachin to make something memorial in his pro career.

Finally, he gave feedbacks for spectators by defeating Sir Lanka and brought victory for the whole team.