Indian women’s football player praised the changes in national sport industry

Indian women’s football player praised the recent changes in national sport industry

Bala Devi, the star of the Indian football team, praised the recent changes in the nation’s establishment and said it helped the players in a multitude of ways including playing time, fitness and training. Create regularly. According to her, IWL has had a significant impact on the Women’s calendar.

Bala Devi, the star of the Indian football team, praised the recent changes in the nation’s establishment and said it helped the players in a multitude of ways including playing time, fitness and training. Create regularly. The team is currently undergoing a camp before returning to make international friends against Vietnam to be played on November 3 and 6.

Since debuting in 2005, I have played in the national team for over a decade. But there have been a series of recent changes, and all are well, Bal Bal Devi told PTI.

We have seen some significant changes in diets, workouts, and most importantly, late video analysis. Establishing a proper diet plan, carbohydrate balance, protein intake, are aspects of current interest and all of these things help players recover faster, she added.

She also emphasized the change in exercise regime in the camp. According to her, the group now spends more time in the gym reducing the risk of injury and increasing physical fitness.

Bala lists all the tournaments the team has participated in since the beginning of the year, including 20 international matches, Gold Cup, SAFF Championships and Olympic qualifiers. She added that all the new changes in the nation’s establishment would not change if the senior women’s team didn’t get the necessary exposure, which gave them the opportunity to assess where we stood and put in all into the effect”.

The Indian Women’s Federation (IWL), launched in late 2016, has had a significant impact on the Women’s calendar.

Domestic competitions can build players. It contributed significantly to introducing many young players to the national team. The current average age of the national team is now much lower than five years ago.

The hero IWL helped create a group of players everywhere. IWL clubs choose all the talented players and everyone has a chance to play. Young people were challenged by seasoned and experienced campaigners, she concluded.

India has invested more in sports (Part 2)

After six years, IPL is now considered India’s biggest business success. The tournament only lasts for seven weeks of the year (around April) and has the second highest weekly salary paid to athletes in the world, just behind the NBA.

In 2013, the Chennai Super Kings star Mahendra Singh Dhoni ranked 16th in the world’s highest paid athletes with about US $ 3.5 million and Pepsi and Sony’s lucrative advertising contracts (about US $ 28 million).

These brands also sign huge sponsorship contracts with BCCI. Last year Pepsi spent about $ 74 million to become the main partner within five years. And Sony Entertainment Television signed exclusive rights to TV matches from 2009-2017 for $ 1.7 billion.

Football in India

The success of IPL has attracted investors everywhere, such as Rupert Murdoch, general manager of News Corp, who bought ESPN India’s license and aims to cricket since 2012. After the agreement with Google, IPL became the event. top sports streamed live on YouTube.

The expansion of cricket outside allows Indians to be more sensitive to other sports, like football. As the middle class of Indian society has enough facilities such as televisions, tablets and smartphones, tracking European competitions is becoming more and more convenient.

According to a 2010 survey by the Nielsen Institute, up to 47% of Indians are “true fans” of football. The Times of India daily reported that more than 50 million Indians watched the Brazilian World Cup, despite the unfavorable broadcast.

Antoine, a 23-year-old French student majoring in commerce in Bombay, said: “People watch very closely the English Premier League on television. I remember earlier this year when M.U was in the quarterfinals of the Champions League, Indians screamed and jumped at the bar. Unbelievable”.

However, the problem is that the I-League league has a low level of competition and an unbalanced geographical distribution (13 clubs, but there are 8 clubs concentrated in the cities of Goa and Kolkatta). But from October this will take place a more attractive tournament called the Indian Super League.

India created a seismic in front of the Asian champion

India successfully won an important point against the reigning Asian champion Qatar in the second round of the 2022 World Cup qualifying round in Asia. Slaying Turkmenistan, South Korea won the first 3 points

The home advantage plus is more appreciated, not surprising when Qatar completely dominated during 90 minutes. However, this is a disciplined match for Indian players, although the visitors are not served by two important names, captain Chhetri and midfielder Ashique.

Qatar has launched 27 shots from just two times on the Indian side but the excellent performance of Gurpreet Singh Sandhu with amazing saves has discouraged the names of the home team. Almoez or Yusuf.

India only created a few notable ball situations but that did not matter. The resilience of the defense has brought unexpected results for teachers and coach Igor Stimac before the most highly rated team in Group E. This is definitely one of the best results of the representative from the South. Asia in the competition away from home.

With a draw against the defending Asian champion, India won a first point in the 2022 World Cup qualifier. In the next match, Qatar will be visiting guests of Bangladesh while India will be off. rest.

Previously, India summoned Thailand’s fierce football World Cup qualifier

India officially announced the list of summons for the 2022 World Cup qualifier, the striker once scored twice in Thailand’s net.

Coach Igor Stimac of India Tel officially announced a list of 34 players convened to prepare for the 2022 World Cup qualifier. In particular, the most notable name is The striker scored twice in Thailand.

Sunil Chhetri is the most noticeable name in the current Indian telecom component. The 35-year-old striker continues to be trusted by coach Stimac. Remember in the 2019 Asian Cup taking place at the beginning of the year, Chhetri was the one who scored twice in India’s 4-1 victory over Thailand.