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Charminar, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

Sankaram in Andhra Pradesh

One in the rarest and oldest websites of Buddhism, Sankaram dates again towards the very first century AD. The location can be a well-known landmark of Buddhists period and exhibits a assortment of awe-inspiring tokens and antiquities that proves the existence of the website during the reign of numerous historical empires.

The whole site is occupied by statues, colossal stupas and constructions of Lord Buddha. Whilst some are considered to be made by reducing the tough rocks in the area, some others show the wonderful developing abilities from the previous craftsmen who made different postures of Lord Buddha with brick.

Apart from the mystique rock-cut images, Sankaram has numerous ancient brick structures and caves. The vital excavation function carried out inside the recent previous has revealed a fascinating variety of primeval items which have immense historical importance. From satavahana coins, seals and pots to tablets with ancient inscriptions, Sankaram includes a veritable imprint with the well-known Buddhist age. A fourth century Advert gold plated coin belonging to King Samudragupta and an idol of Lord Buddha in sitting posture would be the two significant sights from the place.

Apart from its own appeals, Sankaram is common for several nearby locations of interest as well. Whilst Bojjanalonda is visited by vacationers for the prevalent caves that house many statues of Lord Buddha, lingalametta is famous for the enthralling monolithic stupas made by cutting the rocks.

A serene and fascinating Buddhist internet site, Sankaram boasts of a series of one thousand year outdated caves that collectively shaped the viharas where the Buddhist monks and pupils employed to remain for understanding and spreading the message of peace.

How to Reach
By Road : 40 km from Visakhapatnam.
By Rail : 40 km from Visakhapatnam & 3 km. towards the north of Anakapalle railway station
By Air : 40 kms from Visakhapatnam Airport